Tattoo stickers instruction manual

Please strictly follow the steps to use tattoo stickers, otherwise it will lead to unsuccessful(We have a variety of tattoo stickers, please follow the picture description to find your description that matches your tattoo stickers for operation)

Style 1

Style 2

 1. Clean the surface of the skin, make sure it is oil-free, and tear off the transparent film on the surface of the tattoo sticker.Place the pattern on the skin and press to make the sticker fit the skin completely.

2.Use clean water or a damp cloth to soak the tattoo stickers and press for ten seconds (be careful not to move the tattoo stickers, use paper towels to absorb excess water).After uncovering, there will be a complete pattern on the hand (do not touch the water within 3 hours, the pattern will last longer)
3.The picture below is the effect after 4-5 hours after applying the tattoo sticker. Everyone's skin is different, and the color development time is also different,The effect of tattoo stickers will last about one to two weeks.